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The Flushing Remonstrance

The FLUSHINg remonstrance


The Flushing Remonstrance are the duo of Catherine Cramer (percussion) and Robert Kennedy (keyboards, electronics, voice). We compose and perform our own scores to films and screen the films with our live accompaniment.

We have been playing as a duo since 2015, but each of us has decades of performing experimental, avant-garde, improvised, jazz, electronic, and rock music. We invite you to listen with open ears and an open mind to what we do, and we hope that you enjoy it.


Catherine Cramer - percussion

Catherine Cramer has been playing percussion since her days as a dance accompanist at Sarah Lawrence College in the 1970s. After studying at Berklee College of Music, she went on to play in jazz, blues, rock, and experimental bands for over 20 years, playing with musicians such as Dick Johnson, Lou Columbo, Gray Sargent, and Eddie Higgins. She is also well--known as a presenter of live performances for the series of house concerts that she has been producing in Cape Cod, MA since 2004.


Robert Kennedy – keyboards, electronics, voice

Robert Kennedy has been playing keyboards in experimental, rock, and improvisation/jazz groups since the mid-1980s, as well as composing film and theater music and working in multimedia performances and sound installations.  He has collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Jimmy Carl Black/The Grandmothers, Duo Zikr, Ellen Fullman and Linda Montano, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Lene Lovich, Pauline Oliveros, Psychic TV, Terry Riley, Survival Research Laboratories, and Joseph Zitt.


Upcoming shows


1/22/18           CLASSIC EXPERIMENTAL FILMS WITH LIVE ACCOMPANIMENT, Pine Box Rock Shop, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

2/1/18             AN EVENING OF STRANGE ANIMATION, The LetLove Inn, Astoria, Queens, NY

2/8/18            AN EVENING OF STRANGE ANIMATION, The Whiskey Room at Maggie Mae's, Sunnyside, Queens, NY








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