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The Flushing Remonstrance

The FLUSHINg remonstrance


The Flushing Remonstrance are the duo of Catherine Cramer (percussion, electronics) and Robert Kennedy (keyboards, electronics, voice). We compose and perform our own scores to films and screen the films with our live accompaniment.

We have been playing as a duo since 2015, but each of us has decades of performing experimental, avant-garde, improvised, jazz, electronic, and rock music. We invite you to listen and watch with open ears, open eyes, and open mind to what we do, and we hope that you enjoy it.

Catherine Cramer - percussion, electronics

Catherine Cramer has been playing percussion since her days as a dance accompanist at Sarah Lawrence College in the 1970s. After studying at Berklee College of Music, she went on to play in jazz, experimental, blues, and rock bands for over 20 years, collaborating with musicians such as Dick Johnson, Lou Columbo, Gray Sargent, and Eddie Higgins.

Robert Kennedy – keyboards, electronics, voice

Robert Kennedy has been playing keyboards in experimental, rock, and improvisation/jazz groups since the mid-1980s, as well as composing film and theater music and working in multimedia performances and sound installations.  He has collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Jimmy Carl Black/The Grandmothers, Duo Zikr, Ellen Fullman and Linda Montano, Ronald Shannon Jackson, Lene Lovich, Pauline Oliveros, Psychic TV, Terry Riley, Survival Research Laboratories, and Joseph Zitt.


Upcoming shows

                                                                                                     (see FULL CALENDAR for show details)


10/18/19        ROBERT WIENE’S THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, Cobble Hill Cinema, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, NY

10/24/19         FW MURNAU'S NOSFERATU, Hart Bar, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

10/31/19          FW MURNAU'S NOSFERATU, The LetLove Inn, Astoria, Queens, NY    

12/13/19         CARL THEODORE DREYER’S VAMPYR, The LetLove Inn, Astoria, Queens, NY                                                          









1734 - Joel Schlemowitz

Adam - Evelyn Jane Ross

Adebar – Peter Kubelka

Allegretto – Oskar Fischinger

All’s Fair at the Fair – Dave Fleischer

Angelbubble - Joel Schlemowitz

Apollo - Tomonari Nishikawa

At Land – Maya Deren

Black Ice - Stan Brakhage

Black Widow - Thomas Blanchard

Boneyard Angel - Hannah Subotnick

Boogie-Doodle - Norman McLaren

Bridges-Go-Round - Shirley Clarke

By Night With Torch and Spear – Joseph Cornell

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari [Das Cabinet der Dr. Caligari] – Robert Wiene

Channeled Energies -  Joel Schlemowitz

Un Chien Andalou [An Andalusian Dog] -  Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí

Chillifingers - SumBodi

Chinese Series - Stan Brakhage

Chronozon (Dweller on the Threshold) - Raymond Salvatore Harmon

Cinderella - Lotte Reiniger

A Colour Box – Len Lye

Customtone - Emilski and Nick Duggins

Destino - Salvador Dali and Walt Disney

Distant Thunder - Sarah Ferguson

Early Abstractions - Harry Smith

Eaux d'Artifice - Kenneth Anger

Energie! - Thorsten Fleisch

Enigma - Toshio Matsumoto

Ensemble for Somnambulists - Maya Deren

Eye Myth - Stan Brakhage

Eyewash – Robert Breer

Faust – F.W. Murnau

From: First Hymn to the Night - Novalis - Stan Brakhage

The Garden of Earthly Delights - Stan Brakhage

Hand - Deanna Morse

Handzor Troix - Tristian Goik

The Heart of the World - Guy Madden

Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome - Kenneth Anger

Interim Camp - Marcus Wendt and Vera-Maria Glahn

Invocation of My Demon Brother - Kenneth Anger

The Jailbird - Framework Productions

Le Labyrinthe - Piotr Kamler

Lil' Red - Cale Atkinson

La Mobilier Fidèle [The Automatic Moving Company] Romeo Bossetti/Émile Cohl

Lot in Sodom - James Sibley Watson and Melville Webber

Lucifer Rising - Kenneth Anger

Meshes of the Afternoon - Maya Deren

Metropolis - Fritz Lang

Mona Lisa - Toshio Matsumoto

Moon to Do - Anthony Cudahy

Mothlight – Stan Brakhage

Možnosti Dialogu [Dimensions of Dialogue]  - Jan Svankmajer

Nagisa - Yuki Tsuchiya

Night Music - Stan Brakhage

Nitefall - SumBodi

Nosferatu – F.W. Murnau

One Bright Dot - Clement Morin

Orange Film - backyard films

Persian Series 1-3 - Stan Brakhage

Peyote Queen - Storm De Hirsch

The Phantom of the Opera - Rupert Julian

Procession - Bulle Plexiglass

Psych-Burn - J.X. Williams

Rage Net - Stan Brakhage

Rainbow Dance - Len Lye

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies - The Brothers Quay

Le Retour à la Raison [The Return to Reason] – Man Ray

Ritual in Transfigured Time - Maya Deren

Le Sang d'un Poète [Blood of a Poet– Jean Cocteau

Salome - Charles Bryant

Sappho and Jerry - Bruce Posner

Schwechater - Peter Kubelka

Sisyphus - Marcell Jankovics

Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) - David Lynch

Soil - Meejin Hong

Starcycle - Deanna Morse

Stellar - Stan Brakhage

Study of Structures and Voids - backyard films

Tal Farlow - Len Lye

Three Fragments of a Lost Tale – John Frame

Trade Tattoo - Len Lye

Trollsländor med Fåglar och Orm [Dragonflies with Birds and Snake] - Wolfgang Lehmann

Umwelt - Yoshiyuki Katayama

The Very Eye of Night - Maya Deren

Le Voyage dans la Lune [A Trip to the Moon] - Georges Méliès

Water for Maya - Stan Brakhage

Wheel of Torment - Syd Garon and Eric Henry

Witch’s Cradle - Maya Deren



The Great White Silence - Herbert Ponting

Haxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages – Benjamin Christensen

Man of Aran - Robert Flaherty

A Page of Madness (Kurutta Ichipeiji) - Teinosuke Kinugasa

The Passion of Joan of Arc (La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc) - Carl Theodore Dreyer

Vampyr - Carl Theodore Dreyer



We have a number of themed programs planned for future performance; we can also work with you to assemble programs/content of your choosing.  Themed programs currently in development include:

·      Experimental Short Films (various eras and directors)

       We assemble a custom short films program for each show.  This program can be themed based upon appeal for a particular audience or screening                     location, program duration, subject matter, or to complement other aspects of the event or venue.

·      Strange Animation – program of experimental/unusual animated shorts.  Custom program for each show.

·      New York City – program of experimental and historical short films featuring NYC as a subject/location

·      Women Directors – program of films made by women

·      Director Program – program of films by a single director.  We can assemble  programs of specific directors' work depending upon content and interest.


To contact The Flushing Remonstrance:

BOOKING:  The Flushing Remonstrance will work with you and your venue to present a program that best suits your audience, space, venue, and programming.  We can accommodate your suggestions for content for a specific performance, including selections from our repertoire of over 80 films or with new material.

We can use your existing A/V equipment or backline or can provide our own sound system, projector, and screen as needed.


CONTACT:  If you would like to receive notifications about upcoming performances and other news about The Flushing Remonstrance, please provide your information below.  We will keep your information private.

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